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​What are the features of Cold Extrusion Hydraulic Press? Publish Time:2017-12-13

十博体育靠谱吗There are many kinds of hydraulic press. The cold extruding hydraulic press is mainly suitable for pressing, forming, shallow stretching, shaping, laminating and trimming of metal or non-metal parts.

This kind of hydraulicmachine has been widely used because of the intrinsic features. So what featuresdoes this kind of machine have?



Feature 1: saving materials.

十博体育靠谱吗The best feature of the coldextrusion press is to save materials. The materials utilization rate usually canreach to 80%. For examples: If some parts of carsare made by other kind ofmachine to cut and form the materials, the materials utilization can only reachto 43.3%. But if it adopts to use cold extrusion press, the materialsutilization can reach to 92%. So to use this kind of press to produce productscan save up among of steels and nonferrous metals.

Feature 2:  make product size accurately

It needs to polish theproducts after cutting the materials by other machines, but normally theproduct dimensional precision can reach to 8-9 levels by cutting from coldextrusion press, which is just nearly close to the polished surface. So by wayhow the cold extrusion manufactures, the precise size is great, and generallyit doesn’t need to re processing.It only needs simple fine machining (grinding).

十博体育靠谱吗Feature 3: high efficiency

It’s in high efficiency toproduct mechanical parts by Cold extrusion press. The bigger output it isrequired, the better efficiency it will be.

十博体育靠谱吗Feature 4: high strength

十博体育靠谱吗Because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the materials will be more compacted and dense after being processed in cold extrusion condition. The best effect for materials is to make them have a continuous flow of fiber which makes the parts strength in great condition.

十博体育靠谱吗All above are the features ofcold extrusion hydraulic press summarized by YongHeng Hydraulic Press Ltd. Our YongHeng brand is so popular in the market from different clients because ofall these features.

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